Analysis of the classification characteristics of three styles of European chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-09
Common European chandeliers are divided into modern minimalist chandeliers, classical chandeliers and Nordic Ikea chandeliers. These three different European chandeliers have different characteristics. Modern minimalist European chandelier modern minimalist European chandelier personality, simplicity, the pursuit of fashion, the material is generally used with metal texture materials or more personalized alternative glass, etc. , in the appearance and modeling to personality, the main colors are mostly white and metallic, which is more suitable for matching with simple and modern decorative styles. Classical European chandeliers nostalgic classical European chandeliers pay attention to the gorgeous decoration, strong colors, exquisite shape to highlight the elegant decorative effect, especially pay attention to the chandelier curve shape and color gorgeous. Some classical European chandeliers will also use Rust, black paint, and old effects to create a retro nostalgic effect. From the material point of view, classical European chandeliers are mostly made of resin and wrought iron. Among them, the resin lamp has a lot of shapes, and can have a variety of patterns. The gold foil and silver foil are bright and bright; Iron and other shapes are relatively simple, but more textured. The Nordic Ikea European chandelier design is simple, direct, and close to nature, plain and simple. The materials are mainly fabric, glass and iron, and the original texture of these materials is the premise. Use bright and neutral colors, pay more attention to simple and generous product design, and do not need too many complicated and suspicious details to decorate.
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