Analysis of the characteristics of chandeliers in three different styles of restaurants

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
There are a variety of styles and types of chandeliers on the market for everyone to choose from, especially when choosing restaurant chandeliers, facing a variety of styles, the following snooker Meiju analyzes the characteristics of chandeliers in 3 different styles of restaurants. I. Crystal restaurant chandelier crystal chandelier is a chandelier made of artificial crystal. It has gorgeous and noble characteristics, unique shape and high aesthetic value. Crystal is a symbol of purity and nobility, crystal lighting also represents light and hope. Crystal chandeliers come from Spain and have noble and beautiful appearance. They are highly praised by people and are very popular in home decoration. In recent years, many people choose restaurant lights when they choose restaurant crystal chandeliers. Second, European Candlestick restaurant chandeliers European Candlestick restaurant chandeliers, inspired by ancient people's candlestick lighting, as early as in the past, people placed several candles on hanging wrought iron, nowadays, many chandeliers are designed in this style, except that candles are changed into bulbs, but bulbs and lamp holders still look like candles and candlesticks, dining under the light of a European Candlestick restaurant chandelier gives people a romantic feeling and is very emotional. Third, the shape of Chinese classical restaurant chandeliers the classical Chinese classical restaurant chandeliers are bright and neat, and the bright light gives people a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and the Chinese pattern reflects the traditional Chinese charm, chinese classical restaurant chandeliers can highlight the warm dining atmosphere.
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