Analysis of modern European copper lamp style characteristics

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
The modern simple all-copper lighting is mainly reflected in the shape of a metal base frame holding several lamps. The metal base frame is mainly silver-white or golden copper lamp body, which is thick, straight and straight, slender and soft, with a single one and multiple combinations. Its shape is changeable. The combination of all-copper lamps consists of a light source and a lampshade. The light source is generally an energy-saving lamp, and the design of the lampshade can be described as a variety. On the basis of maintaining the modern atmosphere, the all-copper lamp changes various forms, selects suitable materials, and then matches with suitable colors to strongly reflect the simple style; . Modern European-style all-copper lamp style design from simple to complicated, from the whole to the part, inlaid with flowers and carved gold gives a meticulous impression. On the one hand, it retains the general style of all-copper lamp materials and colors, making people feel its traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it abandons too complicated texture and decoration and simplifies lines. The modern European style of all-copper lamps is more like a diversified way of thinking. It combines the romantic feelings of all-copper lamps with the needs of modern people for life, and is compatible with luxury, elegance and fashion, it reflects the personalized aesthetic viewpoint and cultural taste in the post-industrial era. From the design style of modern European-style all-copper lamps, the following points are explained: 1. Form and disperse; It is the main feature of modern European copper lamp style. While paying attention to the decorative effect, the classical temperament is restored with modern techniques and materials. The neoclassical has the dual aesthetic effects of classical and modern, all-copper lamps also give people spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization. 2. Modern European-style all-copper lamp style pays attention to decorative effect, and uses indoor furnishings to enhance historical context characteristics. It often copies classical facilities, furniture and furnishings to set off the indoor environment atmosphere. 3. White, gold, yellow and dark red are the common main colors in modern European all-copper lamp style. A small amount of white is mixed to make the color look bright. 4, stress style, all copper lamps in the design is not antique, nor retro but the pursuit of similarity. 5. European modern copper lamps use simplified methods, modern materials and processing techniques to pursue the general outline characteristics of traditional styles.
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