Analysis of copper strip technology for all-copper glass solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
The main material of all-copper glass solder lamp is glass and copper, and the main part of the lamp body of all-copper glass solder lamp is constructed by copper bars in the form of solder splicing, in fact, another important use of copper bars is to make the edging of glass lampshades. The copper strip of the all-copper glass solder lamp is simply a copper sheet with a certain width. The copper sheet is processed into a U-shaped shape, and then the copper sheet with the size and shape of the all-copper lamp glass is made, then the lampshade is manually wrapped with copper sheets. Usually, the names of several procedures for making copper bars are: material cutting, reel groove, positioning and reel Radian. Although the workers can easily complete this series of processes with the help of a simple tool, this does not mean that the copper bar is irrelevant. The quality of the copper bar is directly related to the quality of the entire copper lamp, the quality of the copper bar manufacturing process is directly related to the beauty of the entire copper glass solder lamp. We can make a preliminary test on the copper bar of all-copper glass solder lamp through simple visual inspection. The following are several main observation points of the copper bar: 1. The surface of the lampshade is smooth and flat, there is no foaming, wrinkling and other phenomena, and whether the copper strip lines at the edge of the entire lampshade are smooth. 2. The angle of the copper strip is the same, especially the place where the joint is not exposed. 3, no deviation phenomenon, symmetry, public
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