aly\'s favourite things: layer light to create ambient space

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-09
Many people rely on the lamps built into their homes.
Whether it\'s a fixture installed on the ceiling or a pot lamp, this is the end point of the lighting design, but decorative lighting is the key to completing the space.
I believe that the key to creating a vibrant environment space is to layer the light. Built-
Lighting is a big part of it, but we can\'t forget to add chandeliers, floor lamps and my favorite --
Often below
Table lamp.
I use a desk lamp in almost every space I complete.
In addition to functional lighting, they can also be used to decorate the space.
They provide the qualities of color, texture, and even sculpture.
A suitable desk lamp will make the table stand out.
Don\'t just use them on the bedside table and try something new.
One of my favorite ways to use a desk lamp is to place a desk lamp on both sides of the table at the entrance.
Put a mirror or a precious piece of art in the middle, it creates a polished look and provides extra light for the room, which is usually illuminated only by the jar on the top of the head.
Here are some of my favorite desk lamps that will not only light up your space, but also add a conversation section to your decor.
Gilde loft desk lamp (www. jielde. com)
The lamp was handmade in France (
Each individual number)
Since the 1950 s
This is a perfect task light for the office or a fun bedside lamp for the kids room.
Sold in a variety of different shades, it brings great color to any space (
I like this orange example very much).
Ikea Ranarp working lights (www. ikea. com)
Ikea Ranarp desk lamp this industrial style desk lamp is suitable for office space or I can even be a bedside table.
The all-white metal base with a golden accent is very popular, and the black and white fabric chords provide retro elements.
This lamp is not only stylish, but also budget-wise, perfect for modern interior designs with edges.
Snowflake gypsum four foil lamp (www. Peridot. com)
Add a bit of class and elegance to your space with this gorgeous light.
The alabaster base makes it a statement light of its own, or a double statement as a pair.
The simple white Drum Lampshade perfectly sets off the light and makes it more ventilated, while the golden tone adds refinement.
Small Lambert et Fils Luna table lamp (www. Lambertetfils. com)
Clean, modern and simple.
This desk lamp has attracted people\'s attention without exceeding the top.
Marble base and gold, unfinished brass parts (
Special for its patina)
Will grow old with time and beauty.
This will be the perfect light for an entrance table.
Best of all, it was made in Canada.
Freeport table lamp (www. crateandbarrel. com)
Freeport is a quirky and whimsical choice, perfect for modern space, or adding a nautical touch to the resort.
The ceramic base provides an organic feel and weight for the white linen base.
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