All the things about the copper lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
My son didn't raise his father well. Maybe you have nothing to say. Because your son is yours, you did not educate him well, and you may have no regrets. But if you use a full copper lamp in a house in your new house, it is a heart. There is also a more disturbing thing, maybe you think that you can't find a second full copper lamp brand. Because every business that sells all copper lamps to you is introduced in this way, you are unconsciously fooled by them, so you have such an understanding, so he took it for granted that he cheated your father. Of course you were not aware of it. Don't think that Xiaobian is alarmist here, listen to me carefully to the copper lamp sales staff, you will know how things are going? Method 1: our all-copper lamp uses imported K9 glass, and its refractive index of light transmission is very good; Whenever you enter each store, their full copper lamp sales staff will tell you how their glass is. When you say it, you will be brought to the front of the light. Turn on the light and paint a few letters that you don't know. Haha, it is inevitable that you will be touched by these experienced sales people from this aspect. I suggest you Baidu what K9 glass is when you are excited, and you can know one or two. In addition, I suggest that you turn off the light source and take the light to the sun to see, these statements will not break. Action 2: The solder of our all-copper lamp is better than others; . Haha, of course, Wang Po said that her things are easy to pull. I'll teach you a way: to observe with your eyes. 1. The Tin Road is smooth and smooth. But this kind of flatness and smoothness is relative. Because the solder lamp lampshade is welded with tin, in order to strengthen the structural force, the solder Union piles thick solder at key positions to strengthen the bearing capacity. This kind of regular tin accumulation cannot be regarded as a poor tin path. 2. No tin leakage, I . e. no tin overflow can be seen from the surface of the solder lamp. 3. No light leakage. Turn on the light. Through the outside of the light, no light can be seen in the gap between the copper strip and the copper strip.
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