All copper wall lamps are good-looking and practical in these places!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
When making a matching plan for customers, they chose the main lamp and would recommend the wall lamp of the same series. Customers always think that the shopping guide is specially recommending additional products for themselves. They think that the wall lamp is dispensable, it doesn't matter, it is enough to have the main lighting. Xiaobian tells you that all copper wall lamps are good-looking and practical in these places! Don't believe with small make up to take a look. First, the living room background, TV background, sofa background, restaurant background, all copper wall lamps not only play a decorative role, but also can be used as auxiliary lighting. The TV background wall is also the most eye-catching place. The wall lamp is soft, and it is more comfortable to watch TV at night. If the TV background wall is less light, it will be less angry. Second, the bedroom bedside because the wall lamp is auxiliary lighting, so the bedroom bedside needs the help of the wall lamp, the bedroom generally needs to have auxiliary lighting decoration, the style of the wall lamp should be considered to have a certain echo with the bedding or curtains in order to achieve a better decorative effect. Third, the main function of the porch corridor is to bear the transportation of family members and carry furniture or articles. Therefore, the corridor needs good illumination to provide sufficient brightness. Some houses have higher floors, the brightness of installing a main lamp may still be insufficient. This is when installing all-copper wall lamps on the corridor can make the space appear more spacious and relieve the tension caused by the narrow corridor. Four, toilet mirror in front of many room types of toilet space is relatively large, because the bathroom lights are in the middle position, when the toilet area is more than 7 square meters, and the main lighting location is far away from the sink, even if the light is turned on at night, the face will appear dim and gaunt because the person's posture is against the light, showing no true color of the face, it will bring great inconvenience and annoyance to the cleaning and care of the face.
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