All copper solder lamps---What is solder lamp and what is the value of solder lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
First, what is a solder lamp? Some customers will ask similar questions when they are not in contact with solder lamps. Solder lamps refer to the technology of solder needed in the manufacturing process of lamps. Second, common materials and tools? Common tool materials include solder wire, solder strip, solder slag, solder block and solder paste. This is the whole process of solder. Usually, masters use solder strip when making solder, before welding, the surface to be soldered should be cleaned, and dirt such as oil and paint should be cleaned. Alcohol and air guns should be used when necessary. After cleaning, use an electric iron to heat the solder joints with rosin or solder paste, and use an electric iron to tin the solder joints (That is, let the welding point hang tin first). Two or more solder joints are connected together using electrosoldering tin. When tin is applied to melt tin, the soldering iron head is used to directly touch the solder wire, and the soldering iron temperature reaches the melting temperature and the solder wire melts. If the welding metal is too large, the electric iron cannot heat the temperature of the welded metal to the melting temperature of the solder, the power wattage of the electric iron should be increased. All copper solder lamps, it is through this step, let the lamp body see close integration, leaving no gap, this is the value of solder, solder lamps different engineering lamps, some large chandeliers will also use the soldering technology. For example, the curved wall of the chandelier needs to be connected to other branches on the curved wall, so that they can be closely combined, realize hanging crystal and other accessories. And snooker is now selling these solder lamps. All-Copper Solder lamps are welded together by Solder. This is the value of solder lamps!
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