All-Copper Solder lamps are clean and effortless!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
Do not wash all copper solder lamps with water, especially do not use acidic detergent, just wipe them with dry cloth dipped in water. If you accidentally touch water, try to dry them. Do not wipe them with wet cloth immediately after turning on the lamp, because light bulb high temperature water easy to burst. Most with cold wind. There is also a period of time after turning on the light, it is not suitable to touch the water. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the bulb is easy to break when it is exposed to water at high temperature, and the copper paint is easy to fall out. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to clean the all-Copper Solder lamp correctly. 1. Lamp body cleaning: when cleaning the European-style all-Copper Solder lamp body, gently wipe it with a soft dry cotton cloth, gently wipe it from top to bottom along the lamp, and do not rub it back and forth. 2. Lampshade cleaning: when cleaning the lampshade of European-style all-Copper Solder lamp, it is advisable to use a clean feather duster to gently brush it so as not to contaminate the lampshade or cause deformation. 3. Bulb cleaning: when cleaning the bulbs of European-style all-Copper Solder lamps, turn off the lights and do not rotate the bulbs and energy-saving lamps clockwise to prevent the lamp cap from peeling off too tightly. In addition, the surrounding of all-Copper Solder lamp should be kept dry as much as possible. The solder of all-copper chandelier should not be placed in a house that is easy to be affected with damp, which will easily make the all-Copper Solder chandelier fall off. And it is often checked irregularly. The whole chandelier is best checked every six months.
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