All copper solder lamp---The Great History of solder lights has a long history!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
Full name of solder lamp all copper solder lamp; The main material is a decorative lamp that uses copper and glass to connect the lampshade by hand soldering. In daily life, people often call solder lamps Copper Solder lamps, all-Copper Solder lamps or glass solder lamps. Solder lamps originated in Europe in and spread from Europe to Taiwan in the 40 or 50 s and s. After the reform and opening up in mainland China, due to the relatively low labor prices and abundant resources in China, more and more Taiwanese businessmen have invested in inland factories, and solder lamps have officially entered the mainland of China. At that time, the solder lamps were relatively high, and there was no market for consumption in mainland China. Therefore, almost all the solder lamps produced were exported to Europe and the United States. With the increasing income of the people, the materials are becoming more and more abundant, and the solder lights have gradually entered the eyes of the Chinese. The Chinese people's pursuit and desire for beauty has been handed down from ancient times to the present. Lamps and lanterns are decorations with lighting functions, which light up people's life and embellish the fun of life. All-Copper Solder lamps have been developed in China for decades. Through the joint efforts of numerous designers and the combination of Chinese classical characteristics, a new generation of all-Copper Solder lamps with European and Chinese classics have been created, A new generation of lighting with Noble, elegant, classical and tasteful characteristics, which is reflected in the people's sight. Snooker Meiju Lighting Research and production of all-Copper Solder lamps have achieved some unique achievements for many years. It has been applied in the decoration of club villas and has been widely praised by customers. If you are also interested in all-Copper Solder lamps and lanterns, and if you are also a loyal customer of all-Copper Solder lamps, you may as well come to our snooker House. Snooker House welcomes you at any time, choose all-Copper Solder lamps and snooker house!
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