All copper negative ion air purification lamp, bring the forest home!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
At a time when air quality is getting worse and worse, human health is devastated. People are eager for fresh air like a forest. Snooker is a full copper negative ion air purification lamp, bringing the forest home! One button to start and release negative oxygen ions efficiently. Negative oxygen ions are air vitamins, which make people breathe in the forest, create a negative oxygen ion bath environment, and make sleep full. Negative oxygen ions actively refresh the air, quiet and efficient. Kill bacteria, prevent reproduction and mildew, at the same time it does not need a filter screen, no consumables, no secondary pollution, Foxconn production, quality assurance, authoritative certification of the China Science and Technology Testing Center, dust removal, sterilization, in addition to formaldehyde, high negative ion quantity, safety and no side effects, bring you blue sky and green forest-like fresh air!
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