All copper lights show you the precautions for Mediterranean style decoration

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
The Mediterranean style of decoration is now more and more popular with people. Do you know all about Mediterranean style decoration? Today, you will be informed of the precautions for Mediterranean style decoration by the all-copper light from snooker. Everyone knows that one of the most prominent features of the Mediterranean style is the rich color, but it is recommended that the main colors in the family should not exceed 3 colors, otherwise it will be a mess, give people a dazzling feeling. You can choose your favorite colors, such as Greek blue and white; Yellow, blue, purple and green in southern France; The yellow and reddish brown tones of the North African desert. This choice can make your home look stable, harmonious and decent. Arched cloister is an important technique of expression in Mediterranean style, but it should not be too exaggerated in our country, as long as it is finished, as an ornament. The climate of the Mediterranean is hot in summer with little rain, and warm and humid in winter. The main function of its cloister is not only for decoration, but more importantly for ventilation, but our domestic climate does not need to pay too much attention to these, as long as the space arrangement is reasonable. The combination of lighting and materials should also be unified. Because the essence of this style is close to nature, many materials are mostly simple, retro and pure, so pay attention to the primary and secondary collocation in the roughness and delicacy of materials, when installing all-copper lamps, pay attention to the fact that most of the lights should be in soft warm colors, and it is not appropriate to choose too cold colors. And the best shape and furniture can echo each other, making the whole space more harmonious.
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