All copper lights appear on the network

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
On October 16, the large conference center on the 4th floor of Sheraton Zhongshan hotel was packed. Grid marketing professionals from all over the country gathered here to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of online merchants. As the initiator and sponsor of this event, the snooker all-copper lamp appeared at this meeting. According to reports, Zhongshan network incense International Club is a group of people who have special hobbies on the network. They are: sharing, growing together, not abandoning, not giving up; Under the guidance of the principle, on the road of network marketing, think of support and mutual support. Over the past year, they have helped more than 20 member enterprises and completed the implementation of online marketing; Organized more than 50 free online marketing free training and lectures. The purpose of this anniversary is to expand the influence of the international club of online merchants and to help enterprises take the road of online marketing. Ms. Liu Hong, president of Shan Ren information, Mr. Chen Fei, vice president, and more than 30 guests from Wuhan, Anhui, Beijing and other places attended the conference. As the sponsor of this conference, the all-copper lamp of snooker Mercure provided 3 all-copper lamps worth more than 5000 yuan for the conference as prizes for the conference free of charge.
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