All copper lights 2013 Hong Kong Spring lighting show

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
On April 6, the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition was just launched, and the snooker all-copper lamp was reported. On the same day, it received an order of nearly 500 thousand yuan from Russia. This is a good result since snooker's all-copper lamp participated in the Hong Kong Spring lighting show for three consecutive years. According to the exhibitors of the all-copper lamp in snooker, the all-copper lamp exhibits selected by the company are the newly developed all-copper lamps of the company, with simple shapes and fine workmanship. Since its inception, it has attracted the attention of buyers from different countries. They have left the company's all-copper lamp related products and materials. Some customers selected some all-copper lamp products on site and asked our relevant staff to make quotations. Some buyers also decided to come to China to inspect our all copper lamp production workshop. In order to cope with this hard-won opportunity, our company urgently dispatched personnel from the all-copper lamp sales department to Hong Kong today to cooperate with the consultation on the possible arrival of all-copper lamps in April 7.
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