All copper lamps successfully passed the AQSIQ product quality inspection

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
Yesterday, snooker's all-copper lamp was notified that the all-Copper Solder lamp spot checked by the State General Administration of Quality last month was all qualified after relevant tests. The quality inspection organized by the state was carried out in a cross-regional way. The three members of the inspection team came to the all-copper lamp factory in snooker and went directly into the company's warehouse, according to the lighting-related inspection requirements, a snooker all-Copper Solder lamp was randomly selected and sealed and shipped to the designated place in time after completing the relevant formalities. For this successful passing of the country's surprise spot check, the sales director of snooker all-copper lamp is considered to be expected. He said: Snooker All-Copper Solder lamp has always regarded product quality as the life of the enterprise, the company's snooker all-Copper Solder lamp production meets the requirements of national standards. Full inspection of each factory snooker all-Copper Solder lamp. The inspection includes 16 indicators in 8 aspects including product consistency, electrical safety, and appearance. If it is found to be inconsistent with the production order and the company's internal production standards, it shall be immediately returned to the relevant departments for sorting within a time limit. Therefore, every product of the snooker all-Copper Solder lamp factory can stand the test.
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