All copper lamps, small American style, new release

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
After half a year of intense preparation and development, after four major revisions, yesterday, a number of brand-new small-American all-copper lamps were officially rolled out at the Snooker All-copper lamp factory. These small American-style copper lamps are the inspiration that the designers found in American architecture after they visited the Americas. Based on the American country style, it strives to express its atmospheric, masculine and smooth personality. In order to achieve a better performance effect, the designer has made major changes and adjustments to the design draft of these small American all-copper lamps four times. In addition, in the process of better expressing the texture of the whole small American copper lamp. After in-depth research, the personnel of relevant departments of the company have greatly improved the technology of traditional American lamps in the past, avoiding the shortcomings of troublesome processing and large human factors in the past manufacturing technology. So as to better improve the quality of small American copper lamps.
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