All copper lamps remind you of safety precautions for New Year's home

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
The Spring Festival holiday is coming soon, and many small partners working outside are estimated to have been unable to hold back their inner excitement and finally be able to go home for the new year! Here, the snooker all-copper lamp reminds you of the precautions for returning home during the Spring Festival. First, check personal belongings, to go home, before going out, must do a good job of luggage sorting, financial return, and keep the dormitory keys, bring the necessary mobile phones, chargers, cosmetics, daily necessities, enough clothes, tickets, etc. It is recommended to arrange for the station to wait in advance the day before going out. Second, care for the elderly and children, the elderly and children are easy to get lost, do not let the elderly and children too far away from themselves on the way out, do not let the elderly and children leave their sight, avoid lost, in crowded places, hold the elderly and children. Third, do not show property, do not show personal belongings on the road, for the outside, it is recommended to carry a bank card, cash is not too much, if there is too much cash, it is recommended to spare change bags, it can be used on the road. Fourth, do not disclose information, on the way home, it is inevitable that a person is alone on the road, meet strangers on the way home, you can talk properly, however, do not disclose too much personal information, increase vigilance and guard against psychology. Snooker Mercure all copper lights wish a happy new year and a pleasant journey!
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