All copper lamps on the market are mixed, how should we distinguish between true and false?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-31
All-copper lamps have gradually become popular in recent years, and many customers have directly selected all-copper lamps for home decoration. With the increasing demand for all-copper lamps, all-copper lamps on the market are mixed, which makes many of our consumers miserable. When we buy them, the merchants all take pictures of their breasts and guarantee that they are all-copper lamps, as a result, I bought it and found myself fooled. I bought a copper-plated lamp. So as consumers, how should we distinguish the true and false of all copper lamps? 1. The most direct way to distinguish the true and false of all-copper lamps is to go to the all-copper lamp manufacturer for on-the-spot investigation, fully understand the manufacturer's information and understand the production process. Another method is to find a special relevant testing unit for testing. 2. Carry out weighing test. When you buy a full copper lamp, you can use an electronic scale to weigh it. Generally, the fake full copper lamp is lighter, 3. Magnet adsorption test. Everyone knows that the magnet only absorbs iron and does not absorb copper. If the magnet can absorb the lamp, it means that it is not a real copper lamp. 4. Scrape the surface to see the color of the debris. Gently scrape the lamp with a knife or other small tools without affecting a certain appearance. Observe the color of the debris. Generally, the debris scraped by the full copper lamp is yellow, if the scrap scraped from the copper-plated lamp is black or silver, it may be doped with iron or aluminum. Here, snooker should remind you to buy a full copper lamp, you must find a regular manufacturer, brand lighting.
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