All copper lamps join hands with lamp Edge International to become its all copper lamp supplier

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
In November 15, snooker Mercure and famous classical lamp chain enterprises in China--- Dengyuan International signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the supply of all-copper lamp products. At this point, snooker has become an international copper lamp supplier. Dengyuan International is a large-scale chain enterprise specializing in European classical lighting products and their affiliated products in China. It has 28 branches and has opened large-scale lighting stores in first-tier cities in China. It has amazing influence in the industry. The cooperation between Snooker and the supply of all-copper lamp products is undoubtedly a great addition to the development of the enterprise. According to reports, this cooperation, in addition to the snooker Meiju for its supply of the company's all-copper lamp products. The company will also cooperate with the company in the customization of engineering lamps, all-copper lamps and around its own unique positioning to tailor classical copper lamps and copper decorations for its internal circulation only. .
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