【]All copper lamps in summer-Real customer feedback

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
In the midsummer season, there are always many dreams to realize, climbing mountains, watching water and feeling the elegant demeanour of nature. This is a Phoenix wish of many people, playing near the mountains and living beside the water, the mountains and rivers blend, standing in such a season, there is always a feeling of agility and excitement. On June, under the brand of all copper lamp-Snooker is a harvest season. In May, snooker received orders from home decoration customers one after another. In June, these customers shared the real effect of all-copper lamps with snooker Meiju. Miss Qin, although I haven't seen the customer himself, I know that he is a gentle and beautiful customer by listening to the voice. Just moved to a new home, she needs to find a suitable full copper lamp for her love nest. Customers found us in the flagship store of snooker Meiju Tmall, and chose bedroom lights, living room lights, bedside lights and outdoor wall lights. After careful selection, I finally determined my favorite style. This is not the beginning of June, the customer has already installed, and also provided us with a real shot, the customer said that our home is really beautiful, the quality feels very good, a very satisfactory shopping. I am very happy to hear the customer say so. The happiest thing is the customer's affirmation of our all-copper lamp. Thank you again for your feedback! The all-copper lamp of snooker is good. It is not just about talking. The feedback from customers is proof. SB03272-01 Real shot
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