All copper lamps have passed the National Electrical Safety compulsory certification (3C certification)Annual Review

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
Snooker Mercure copper lamp successfully passed the National Electrical Safety compulsory certification yesterday-3C certification. At this point, the annual 3C trial factory has come to an end. During this period, the staff of the relevant departments of the National Electrical Safety compulsory certification went deep into the enterprise, established the 3C file of the factory, and the production process and process of the all-copper lamp, and all copper lamp quality inspection equipment has been strictly inspected. At the same time, three types of all-copper chandeliers and all-copper table lamps were randomly extracted from the company's warehouse and sent to relevant departments for testing. All qualified after testing. In order to cooperate with this annual review, the company transferred two all-copper lamp designers from the company and two quality inspection departments to form the 3C Annual Review leading group to provide necessary cooperation for relevant departments coming to the factory for review. During the annual review, snooker Mercure also added the four series of all-copper lamps newly developed by the company and the engineering lamps previously customized for customers, totaling 32 lamp products, according to the relevant 3C workflow, the registration and testing of the added products have been carried out.
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