All copper lamps for you to analyze Chinese style decoration style precautions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
Chinese decoration represents the traditional decoration style of our country and has a very classical flavor. However, it is not so simple for Chinese style to come up with effects, and the matters needing attention cannot be ignored. The following small compilation will analyze the matters needing attention in Chinese decoration style for you. First, do not simply pile up the retro elements. Chinese decoration is not the retro decoration of traditional culture, but the integration of classical elements into the modern decoration style. It is not simply piled up. It is a set drawn from the designer's experience, the ability to control design elements and the in-depth analysis of the owners he faces'Tailored'The plan. Second, consider the overall color of the space. Chinese furniture and accessories are darker or very gorgeous. When arranging them, you need to consider the overall color of the space. The color is mainly dark and calm. Because the color of Chinese furniture is generally deeper, the color of the whole room can be coordinated. In addition, the Chinese decoration pays attention'Original taste'And a very natural and harmonious match. Third, the Chinese style home decoration should pay attention to the problem, the Chinese decoration of the wall, the ground and the ordinary decoration is no different. White latex paint or light wallpaper can be used on the wall. Chinese decorative materials are mainly made of wood. Pay attention to carving and painting, elegant shape. The floor can be made of wood floor, stone, floor tile and carpet. Lamps and lanterns should also choose styles with calm colors and retro flavor. Chinese all-copper lamps are a good choice, xiao Bian recommends a Chinese-style all-copper chandelier matching effect for snooker Meiju.
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