All copper lamps are strong in China (Guangdong)International hotel supplies exhibition

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
September 10-four days of 13th session, China (Guangdong) The International Hotel Supplies Exhibition was officially opened at the Pazhou Pavilion in Guangzhou. The sales staff at the front line of the all-copper lamp in snooker came to this annual event with excitement. On the first day of the opening of the exhibition, tens of thousands of professional buyers and dealers were ushered in. The exhibition site was crowded with people, and the atmosphere was very warm. All kinds of exquisite high-end exhibits made the audience side by side, and they negotiated business with the exhibitors. The exhibitors all gained more customers, achieve the expected effect of expanding the business. This exhibition is integrated •Upgrade •Beyond •Win-win; As the theme, we will fully integrate the resources of the original June China Exhibition Hotel Supplies Exhibition and the August Xinji Hotel Supplies Exhibition to create a professional, international and branded one-stop hotel supplies purchasing platform for the purpose of promoting the harmonious development of the industry. The exhibition in Canton Fair pavilion area a Pearl River office held 13th session, China (Guangdong)International hotel supplies exhibition media meeting; . Zhang Chunsheng, president of the national food processing equipment Standardization Technical Committee, Zhang Hanquan, president of the China Hotel Products Association, Zhong Jianmin, president of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leading guests, as well as Nanfang Daily, Guangdong TV exhibition channel, consumer Times Network, Food Guide, New Express, HC network, China hotel Procurement News, China hotel supplies supply and marketing network, Sina Guangdong, private economic news and other well-known media attended the meeting.
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