All copper lamps are good, customer feedback has the final say!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-17
Many customers will be very entangled before buying the snooker all-copper lamp. I am worried that because I have not seen the real thing, I am afraid that the quality of the lamp is not good, and I am afraid that the installation effect is not satisfactory. So is it good to snooker all copper lamps? There is no reason to say, customer feedback has the final say, and customer's real feedback is a powerful explanation. Miss Zhai from Jinhua, Zhejiang, handed over her house in April this year. By June, the renovation was completed one after another. At the end of June, she began planning to choose lights. By chance, Miss Zhai found us on the official website and began to contact us. We added WeChat to each other. Through chatting, we learned the basic information of our customers. The customers think our all-copper lamps are not bad and the styles are also very like, but they are still very tangled, although I have many years of online shopping experience, buying lights is also a big piece after all, the amount is not small, it is inevitable that there are still some concerns, worried about the quality is not good, worried about the installation effect is not good, large returns are also very troublesome. Knowing that the customer has such concerns, we showed Miss Zhai a lot of feedback pictures of the customer's purchase and installation before, and at the same time, in order to dispel the customer's concerns, we suggest that customers first buy a small light and go back to see the quality and see the effect. The customer thinks this suggestion is also good. First buy a small lamp and go back to see the quality. If you are satisfied, buy other lamps. Sure enough, the small chandelier bought in the aisle did not disappoint the customer. The customer said that the work of the lamp was good, and the details of the lamp were handled very well. The quality was satisfactory, mainly because the installation effect was very good, the real thing looks better than the picture. Then the customer immediately ordered other lamps. At the beginning of July, all the lamps and lanterns have been successfully installed. The following is a real shot of the installation effect that the customer gave us. Restaurant chandelier SC10701-07 Real shot master bedroom SZ07081-09 Real shot second bedroom SZ07019-04 Real shot guest bedroom SZ07018-04 Real shot
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