All copper lamps are also in line with the 'appetite' of foreigners'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
Every time we talk about foreigners, we feel modern and urban. I tell you that this is not the case with foreigners now. They also follow the classic retro style. Our all-copper lamps are not only loved by the Chinese, but also by many foreigners. In the ancient town, you can see all kinds of foreigners watching lights and purchasing here. Among them, there are many foreigners who choose all-copper lamps. As a full copper lamp salesperson, it is not surprising that I often receive a list of all-copper lamps for foreign trade. Our foreign customers have engineering designs and their own homes. Some people will wonder why foreigners come here to purchase? Because our all-copper lamps meet the appetite of foreigners; . I remember that I took over a foreign trade export order. The customer is his own home improvement, and the choice is the regular lighting of our snooker. We have made professional and detailed English quotations for our customers, including CE certification to meet their needs, etc. In fact, the main thing should be that the quality and style of all-copper snooker lamps meet the appetite of foreigners; . Needless to say, the quality of all-copper snooker lamps is natural, and customers' purchases again and again are proof. Let's talk about the style of snooker's all-copper lamp. Whether it is a simple European style, an American country style, or a Mediterranean pastoral style, snooker is not a problem. Classic, retro, elegant, these styles, snooker all copper lamps can be satisfied. You said, can foreigners not like our all-copper lamps?
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