All copper lamps answer European home decoration confusion

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-13
Recently, I received many friends asking about home decoration. The author found that most owners feel a little out of touch when buying home appliances. When it comes to house decoration, it is really a matter of grinding people, from the selection of the House to the decoration and then the purchase of furniture, every link has made the owners entangled, not only to consider the quality of the decoration style furniture but also the economic budget. Then in the whole family decoration, many owners pay most attention to the choice of furniture. Few people will consider the role of lighting in home decoration, however, when you are aware of it, you will find it difficult to integrate it into the style of home decoration. In fact, lamps and lanterns play a vital role in the style of the whole home. If they are used well, they will also play a finishing touch. To choose and buy lighting, one must first consider whether to match the home decoration style, and then understand the key to the quality composition of lighting. The most common decoration styles today are: European style, Chinese style, modern simplicity, european style and Chinese style complement each other mainly to achieve the effect of retro low-key yet tasteful modern and simple decoration style or to create a warm atmosphere or bring a feeling of luxury atmosphere, all copper lamps in European lamps, glass solder lamps are mainly developed from European Court lamps. These lamps are suitable for social occasions with large space. The latter is a retro Chinese style home decoration style, if it is a modern and simple decoration style, you can choose a more Chinese-style all-copper lamp. Many European-style all-copper ceiling lamps are simple and elegant, simple and unique, which can bring a bright and broad feeling to the whole space. Compared with crystal lighting, Chinese lighting is easier to take care of. In recent years, it has become more and more popular among the public. In modern style home decoration, it is more suitable to be placed in leisure areas and other spaces. Small details look at the quality of the quality of the copper lamp determines his texture, which is also very important for home improvement. To see the quality of all copper lamps, one must first understand their main components, including hardware, material thickness glass, PVC and screws. The hardware is thick and thin. In general, the thin ones are easier to deform. Some people bought the lighting and installed it. It didn't take long for the spots to appear. The problem lies in the hardware accessories. The second is the glass piece, depending on how many air holes there are. If the dots on the glass are too dense, the quality is not very good. In addition, screws are also important.
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