All copper lamp upgrade!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Recently, many customers have been asking whether our all-copper lamps can be intelligently switched and dimmed. In fact, many flat panel lamps have begun to integrate into the concept of intelligence, can the all-copper lamp of our snooker House also be intelligent? We fed back this problem to the company's engineering department. After the company's meeting, discussion and practice, we came to the conclusion that if a chip is implanted on the basis of the original lamp, the lamp can realize intelligent functions, you can control it with your mobile phone, open it if you want, and close it if you want. Install a small drive on the lamp, and the lamp can change the color of the light. Snooker Mercure all-copper lamp has always regarded the quality of products as the life of the enterprise, and has continuously optimized the personalized service of products to provide high-quality service.
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