All copper lamp-The combination of wisdom and sweat

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
According to the designer of snooker Mercure, a complete glass solder lamp has to go through a very complicated process, which can be roughly divided into: first, glass technology is used to make all-copper lamps naturally without glass, however, there are many small processes in this. Such as cutting shape, frosting, baking, pickling, etc. Second, the production of all-copper lamps and copper bars: the workers in snooker and Mercure chose the right materials. After the materials were opened, the next steps were the production of other copper bars, such as filing, making and so on. Three: hardware Craft Production: hardware craft production is mainly divided into metal production, metal solder, drilling and welding lamps. Four: soldering process production: soldering is a very important part of the glass solder lamp production, splicing glass and copper, bonding with tin, and stabilizing each component. Five: washing process production: washing process is a very important part, which is divided into blackening, oiling and other small processes. Six: Assembly process production: Assembly can be said to be the last link in the production of all-copper lamps, mainly to assemble the components of each lamp. Finally, a solder lamp was completed. It can be seen that a glass solder lamp not only embodies the excellent wisdom of the designers, but also contains the hard work of the workers.
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