All copper lamp-Sterilization lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Can all copper lamps be sterilized? Maybe many people will laugh when they see this statement. Most of them think that this is just a gimmick for speculation. In fact, it is not a new topic for brass to have sterilization function. As early as 1893, water mixed with trace copper had an amazing bactericidal effect, which was discovered by the famous Swiss botanist Negri. This effect is also called trace effect and minimal effect. As long as trace copper is used, microorganisms and algae aquatic organisms in water can be killed. Japanese researchers also conducted culture experiments on the bacteria on the bracelet of public transport vehicles in Tokyo. The results showed that there were countless bacteria on the pull ring made of plastic and leather, however, there are no bacteria on the pull ring made of copper and lead alloy. Obviously, the sterilization function of all copper lamps is definitely not false. So, why does the all-copper lamp have sterilization function? As long as we carefully study the materials used for all-copper lamps, it is not difficult to know. The main material of the copper lamp is made of brass and glass. This kind of brass is precisely a metal widely used in the medical field, such as tongue pressing strips, contraceptives, catheters, disinfection pots, etc. widely used in clinical practice, especially in hospital corridors, stair handrails, toilets, toilets, observation rooms, operating rooms, wards and other places, the use of copper and brass handles is more conducive to safety than the use of other materials, this can give full play to the trace effect of copper.
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