All copper lamp shopping guide skills nine

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
After investigation, many of our all-copper lamp guides are not very satisfied with our suggestions when we suggest customers to feel the all-copper lamp during the interview with customers. Through in-depth understanding, we found that the shopping guides of these all-copper lamps made subjective mistakes when advising customers to feel the function or appearance of the products. To give you the feeling that you want to impose the benefits of the product on the customer, it is natural that the customer does not sell the account. At this time, what we say most is: if you like this all-copper lamp, you can feel it. This all-copper lamp is our new product. Its biggest advantage is. . . . This all-copper lamp is really good, you can have a look. If we change our perspective and guide customers to feel the products from the perspective of customers, we should communicate with customers in this way. Shopping Guide: miss one, I really admire your eyes, this all-copper lamp is sold better! And this all-copper lamp is just right for your requirements for room layout. Miss, I said yes, come on, here is the effect picture taken by the customer who has already installed this all-copper lamp. You can come and have a look and feel it. . . . Shopping Guide: Miss, you really have a vision. This series of all-copper lamps is a new style we have just entered. It is specially designed for high-grade customers and sells well! Come on, let me introduce you to this set of products. . . . Material and process, import. . . . Technology and functions are very suitable for people like you who have requirements for life. Of course, I can't say it, the product is for your own use, so you feel that it is important to do it. Miss, come and feel the product yourself (* * * * * * * Product of name)Right. . . . . (Direct Guide experience such as touch, feeling, etc)Shopping Guide :(If the customer is not very cooperative) Miss, I found that you are not very interested in this all-copper lamp. In fact, it really doesn't matter if you buy it today, but I really want to serve you well. Can you tell me if there is any problem with the introduction just now, or if you don't like this style at all? Thank you! ( If the customer does not like this style, turn to the stage of asking for other products)
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