All copper lamp shopping guide coping skills one: take a look

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
In the process of selling all-copper lamps, we often encounter such a situation. When we smile like a spring breeze, with a smile to face customers. As everyone knows, we exchanged a cold word from the customer: I just look at it. Our exhibition hall shopping guides often make mistakes in this situation. {Wrong move} 1. OK, it doesn't matter. Please take a look. 2. OK, then take a look. 3. Well, you have a look first. If you need help, call me. 4 ,. . . . . . Speechless, quietly watching the customer do not say a word {Correct drill} 1. Shopping guide: Yes, choosing a product is a big deal, because all-copper lamps are for middle and high-end customers in the market, so we must find the most suitable manufacturer and all-copper lamp products for this part of customers' needs, our business will go smoothly. Therefore, you must know more and compare more. It doesn't matter. You should look at it first. If you have time, let's sit down. I can introduce our brand and all-copper lamp products to you in detail. Where is your store open? Maybe there are friends in other markets around you who are making our all-copper lamps? 2. Shopping guide: it doesn't matter. To be honest, it is not easy to make money now, especially before entering the sales of all-copper lamps. It is absolutely necessary to know more about whether you want to make our products or not, our service is first class. However, Miss, I really want to introduce our newly developed * * series of all-copper lamps. Now they are going very well. You can learn about them first. Come here, please. . . . . 3. Shopping guide: you can take a look at it first. It doesn't matter whether you want to cooperate with us or not. You can know about our products first. Come on, let me introduce you to some of our classic all-copper lamps. What is your store area? Interpretation of the trick: take the initiative to push the sales forward and turn the customer's excuse into a reason to convince the customer!
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