All copper lamp-Secret Weapon to fill room space defects

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
Living at home, under the pressure of high housing prices, it is not easy to have the ability to find a place to live. Although, we clearly know that there are some defects in the space of this place. But for various reasons, we have to compromise. But when we think about these hearts, there are always some entanglements or unhappiness. But how can it not tolerate the defects of these spaces. After years of exploration, the author finally found that many space defects can be filled with all-copper lamps. Defect 1: smallpox is too short to look depressing. In the face of this situation, we can use all-copper floor lamps or all-copper wall lamps with upward illumination to illuminate the ceiling, and at the same time set hidden lamp slots to illuminate the walls downward at the peripheral Yin corners of the ceiling of the room. When using the light source, use yellow light of about 2700 K, and the brightness is not too high. Under such illumination, smallpox looks much higher. Defect 2: The room space is too long and narrow. This situation is often due to problems in the design, because the wall structure cannot be moved casually, leaving regrets. When this situation occurs, we can set up some small situations at the end of the space to draw people's attention to the wall at the end of the space, such as placing a porch at the end, and put flowers and plants on the stage, and put a high-brightness all-copper desk lamp together; It is also possible to hang decorations directly on the wall and place all copper wall lamps at slightly higher ends of the decorations and keep the lights on; In addition, the narrower two walls must not have too strong light illumination. Defect 3: The living room space is too small. Due to economic and other reasons, our living room space often appears very small, giving people an uncomfortable feeling. In the face of this situation, we can adopt to install some all-copper wall lamps with low thickness and no direct light source on both relatively narrow walls, after the lights of the all-copper lamps are illuminated, they will have the effect of opposite shooting to make them look farther away. Reflective materials such as mirror mirrors can also be used to reflect images in space to create illusion, to match the lighting of the downlight or rail lamp placed on the top of the mirror surface to achieve the purpose of visually expanding the space.
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