All-copper lamp sales director won the title of 100 marketing elites in the first lighting industry

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-12
After nearly two months of online voting and industry expert review, the selection of 100 marketing elites in China's lighting industry was announced yesterday. Cira mei ju complete copper lamp marketing director horse jun kang award. This activity is hosted by the World Lighting Times and co-organized by China Lighting Industry Association. More than 2000 elites from the industry participated in this selection. The whole event lasted for half a year, and the organizing committee of the event was widely launched, tens of thousands of dealers in the third-tier cities and nearly 10,000 sales people in the lighting industry, as well as some experts and scholars, participated in the event. According to the requirements of the organizing committee, all the personnel participating in the selection must go through the preliminary examination by a professional selection committee, and then a special reporter will conduct in-depth interviews on their performance, and publish it in newspapers and online media. At the same time, online voting was opened. Then there is a committee of experts to make a final assessment of the candidates.
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