All copper lamp-Opening the new copper age

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
A Chinese history, half of the copper culture; Someone once used such a word to describe the application history of copper in China. The long historical picture in the open, come carefully. We will find that this statement is not an exaggeration. Copper is inseparable from China's development. From daily life to religious application, from military field to architectural decoration, it can be said that the application of copper is everywhere. With the development of history, the application of copper has become more extensive. So, why is copper so widely used? I think in addition to its durability and easy modeling, it also has higher value. As for its details, I am afraid that the author's ability can be reached. Here, the author would like to explain the value behind the all-copper lamp that he is familiar. As we all know, all copper lamps are mostly made of brass, because brass is suitable for making copper. It not only has strong structural force, but also has good plasticity and ductility. These characteristics just meet the requirements of lighting manufacturing for metal materials. In addition, I think the greater value of all-copper lamps is that every all-copper lamp is like an experience in life several years after it leaves the factory. All copper lamps are a little glittering when they start to leave the factory, just like when people are young, they must be energetic and energetic in all aspects; Out, very young people feel motivated. Then five years later, the all-copper lamp began to turn into single brown and dark brown after being carved by time. At this time, it was like a middle-aged man at the peak, warm and subtle. More than 10 years later, we described the copper lamp as a full copper lamp has entered the old age, a little old-fashioned feeling, but very playful green. People feel deeper and heavier. It can be said that the artistic value and appreciation value of all-copper lamps in each period cannot be underestimated. I think this is the value of all-copper lamps. Apart from all kinds of lamps other than all-copper lamps, we have to admit that they may shine brightly at the beginning, and their attraction to people may far exceed that of all-copper lamps. Can not be used year 35, as the metal begins to rust, they are not scenery.
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