All copper lamp manufacturers welcome VIPs

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
Lighting season soon cira mei ju happy again and again. This is not the case. Today, the snooker copper lamp manufacturer has ushered in a VIP. A customer from Taiyuan, Shanxi, came to visit the snooker lighting factory. The customer said that he also opened a lighting store. In recent years, the market for all-copper lamps is getting better and better. He is very interested in all-copper lamps and wants to know more about them. By the general manager of our company- Mr. Ma took the customer to a workshop and a process to understand the production process of all copper lamps. 36 processes, the road is fine. Hand-painted, hand-sealed oil has received unanimous approval from customers. Then we came to the intelligent exhibition hall of snooker Mercure. There were all kinds of lamps and lanterns in the exhibition hall, which were divided into American special area, European Special Area and Chinese special area. Customers began to watch as soon as they entered. Once again, watching the lamps and lanterns began to talk about cooperation. Mr. Ma said to the customer that we have the online to offline mode of snooker. The online marketing customers of our company's network Department go directly to the local physical stores to make transactions in this cooperation mode, thus integrating online and offline resources, physical stores are no longer worried about the impact of online shopping. After some conversations, the customer is very interested in the snooker O2 model and is already negotiating the specific cooperation matters of the store. For the 18-year-old all-copper lamp manufacturer of snooker, O2O mode has started to attract all-round investment. For details, please call the national toll-free hotline 400-800-7609.
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