All copper lamp manufacturers teach you the quality identification of all copper solder glass lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-22
In China, all-copper glass solder lamps imported from abroad are the upstarts of lighting. With the continuous improvement of China's economy and the continuous construction of high-grade places and houses, it is gradually entering most of the high-end buildings and rich houses in China. It is decorated with thousands of places with its classical and luxurious style, and creates a rich and romantic atmosphere with lights. However, due to the lack of knowledge on the quality identification of lamps and lanterns, you, who are rich and respected, may also be cheated by merchants and sold at an excessively high price with unequal value, or more often, it is a product of inferior quality. Seeing the huge cost of the lamp after a period of time, the all-copper glass solder lamp body has problems, making you rich and pursuing a high-quality romantic life can not do what you want, but also to share a special worry, because a huge amount of art is rapidly depreciating and cannot maintain its brilliant external image. At present, the high quality and low price of most all-copper glass solder lamp products in the market is not a joke, but it is just that everyone can easily become the hero of the joke. For those who have wealth, self-esteem and pursuit, this kind of thing can only be said to be a tragedy. The only way is to polish one's eyes or find a truly credible manufacturer or brand. As a manufacturer with 18 years of experience in all-copper production, it is willing to provide quality identification knowledge for consumers who are preparing to buy all-copper glass solder lamps, a top-level lamp, hoping that China's quality will get better and better. The following is divided into many aspects, from macro to micro, from management to production, to show the quality process of all-copper glass solder lamp. European-style all-copper solder glass lamp inherits the architectural style of North America and Europe in the 19th century. It is made of copper and artistic glass by hand. It is a simple neoclassical style with simple and bright lines, the product emphasizes freedom, peace, and integration. In the process of making solder lamps, designers not only emphasize the objective changes in the natural environment, but also add humanistic rational thinking. This kind of natural beauty and human's enthusiasm for beauty are the shining points of solder lamp art. It has narrowed the distance between man and nature, and also reflects the modern simple European design concept of returning to nature. Our company's current European-style all-copper solder glass lamp uses H62 copper, which has good purity, strong flexibility and strong corrosion resistance. The surface of copper is sealed with Ratcheting oil to prevent oxidation.
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