All copper lamp manufacturers are hot, and the money is unlimited

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-21
Snooker Meiju all-copper lamp factory has been focusing on the production and research of copper lamps for 16 years. It is a all-copper lamp factory integrating the research and development, production and sales of decorative lighting products and household ornaments. It has a factory of 12000 square meters, the company has three designers with 15 years of experience to ensure that the products are updated in time and the styles are diverse. There are more than 30 engineers and technicians of all kinds, hand-made and fine workmanship. It has become the preferred supplier for the vast number of all-copper lamp agents. In 2014, snooker Meiju all-copper lamp manufacturers have attracted nationwide investment, mainly through joining specialty stores or in-store stores. As a full copper lamp manufacturer, the first consideration should be given to the profit and benefit of the sales. 1. First of all, the all-copper lamp manufacturer has set up a regional distribution system. The market is exclusively distributed by the market, and there is no second distributor in the same market, such an approach virtually reduces the competitive pressure of distributors and protects the distributor's product market. 2, snooker beauty home all copper lamp manufacturers also have the company's strong procurement system, logistics and distribution system, and advanced network platform, with 3 million standing inventory, order today, tomorrow shipment. The dealers have no worries about the supply of goods. Snooker Mercure all copper lamp production and sales experience, top ten copper lamp brands, want to start a business to find snooker Mercure all copper lamp manufacturers, unlimited money.
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