All copper lamp manufacturers answer to glass solder lamp technology

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-20
It is no exaggeration to say that the soldering process is one of the most important processes for glass solder lamps. It is also the key to determine the quality of glass solder lamps. But what kind of soldering process is the best is always a mystery for consumers. Because, at the sales terminal, the guide of the glass solder lamp often misleads them. In fact, it is very simple and easy to judge the quality of a glass solder lamp. It can mainly start from the following aspects. First, the Tin Road is smooth and smooth. A good quality glass solder lamp, its tin path is relatively flat and smooth. Except for some places where tin and surfacing are needed due to structural problems, the whole tin road does not have much ups and downs. Second, there is no tin leakage. To see if the glass solder lamp leaks Tin, one of the simplest methods is to observe the joint of the glass solder lamp from the outside of the glass solder lamp. If you do not see the phenomenon of solder outflow, you will see that there is no tin leakage. Third, no light leakage. The light leakage phenomenon of glass solder lamp is mostly caused by two reasons. One is the light leakage at the joint of glass solder lamp cover due to insufficient solder; The other is because the side of the glass solder lampshade facing the ceiling can also cause light leakage because it is not in a plane. Fourth, there is no virtual welding. Virtual welding can be said to be a taboo for glass solder lamps. It is easy to cause the entire glass solder lampshade to fall and cause some unnecessary secondary disasters. Whether the virtual welding can be judged by the naked eye to observe whether the connection between the tin path and the lampshade is solid.
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