All copper home decoration becomes a new favorite in the market

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
After nearly half a year of trial sales, nearly 100 pieces of all-copper home decoration jointly developed by snooker and Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts, the sales performance has risen all the way. This kind of all-copper home decoration is made of pure copper, with exquisite workmanship, vivid shape, profound meaning and collection value, and is welcomed by the market. These all-copper home ornaments can be divided into living room ornaments, Feng Shui ornaments, etc. It was selected from thousands of models by relevant scholars of snooker and Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts, and then carved by the excellent carving teachers and students of the Institute. In the whole process of making all-copper home decoration lamps, not only the shape is required, but also the spirit is required.
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