All copper glass solder lamp shopping guide skills five--When customers have doubts about quality

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-11
For the first time, customers come to the store to buy Glass solder lamps. Because of brand awareness and other reasons, they always feel that the quality of our special glass solder lamps has such problems. Out of the awareness of self-protection, many of our shopping guides subconsciously use the following methods to eliminate his doubts 1) You can rest assured that the quality of the glass solder lamp with special price is the same as that without special price. 2) They are all glass solder lamps of the same manufacturer, and there will be no problem. 3)It's all the same thing. How could it be? 4)It's all a brand, no problem. As everyone knows, the above answer is not the best answer. The reason is that when customers have doubts, the above explanations are actually powerless. To know that no one will say that their things are bad, the key is to show the flesh and blood facts to prove that customers can be convinced. We might as well use the following methods: 1) Shopping Guide: you can understand this idea. After all, the situation you mentioned does exist in our industry, but I can tell you in a responsible way, although our glass solder lamp is on sale, they are all the same brand and the quality is the same, just because our manufacturer has recently introduced several new series, I only made a special promotion for several classic glass solder lamps that were originally sold, so it is really cost-effective to buy now. 2) Shopping Guide: Your question is very good. Some of our customers have had similar concerns before. However, one thing I can tell you is that whether it is a regular price or a special price, it is actually the same brand, the quality is exactly the same, and the price is really much lower, so it's very cost-effective for you to buy these things now. You can safely buy our glass solder lamp! 3) Shopping Guide: I can understand your idea, but I can tell you responsibly that these special glass solder lamps were actually sold at our original price before, but the company only wanted to give back to the old customers, so it became a special promotion, but the quality is exactly the same, you can rest assured to buy. It is now the last two days of discount, and after two days, the original price will be automatically restored.
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