All-copper glass solder lamp is easy to choose, and the home layout is easy to grasp!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-10
At present, lamps and lanterns not only play a role in lighting, but also play a role in beautifying the living room. However, all copper glass solder lamps were shipped. Through careful design, people use all-copper glass solder lamps to make home lighting clear in the living room, quiet in the bedroom, targeted in the study, focused in decorations, etc. , resulting in a good effect of carving space. Many consumers feel that buying lamps requires the whole family to discuss, which is indeed a headache; Because every family member has men, women and children; People of different ages and ages have different eyes on things. Don't worry now, snooker's 18-year experience in all-copper glass solder lamps will explain several requirements for you to choose all-copper glass solder lamps from different levels of consumers. Respect the old and love the young; It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, then it is from respecting the old and loving the young; This order is the heart of the all-copper glass solder lamp. 1, the elderly room, simple, quiet is the living habits of the elderly, the color and shape of the lamps used, to set off the elegant and generous demeanor of the elderly. The main lamp can be combined with a unit-shaped all-copper glass solder lamp, preferably a semi-pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp. 2, children's room, children in childhood is also a critical period of life, lighting is best unpredictable, highlight a strange, increase children's imagination, is conducive to intellectual development. Lighting modeling and color should not only reflect children's interest, but also be conducive to children's healthy growth. The main Lamp strives to be simple and lively. It is best to use a simple copper glass solder lamp, preferably a chandelier or a ceiling lamp. 3, the middle-aged room, the middle-aged person is the Family Leader, but also the pillar of the career, all copper glass solder lamp can choose the shape, color and strive to be simple and lively. The lamp should not only reflect the personality, but also reflect the style of the main body, such as using a rotary arm table lamp or floor lamp to facilitate study and work. 4, young people's room, young people are colorful to life, all copper glass solder lamp can choose some more new, strange, special lighting. The main lamp should show personality, creative shape and bright colors. The wall lamp requires love as the theme in the shape, and the light source requires warmth and romance.
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