All copper European chandelier SZ07320- 12B, bring you different visual enjoyment

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
Retro luxury is an adjective that people habitually give European chandeliers. Perhaps many people think that European chandeliers should belong to high-end villas. In fact, European chandeliers are becoming more and more visible lamps in people's lives, and ordinary suites can be easily controlled without pressure, when the classic European chandelier is integrated into modern life, it is another visual enjoyment. The customer Peng is always the owner of the furniture store. The main business is modern furniture. Recently, a new store has been opened. It needs a copper-style chandelier to be installed in the exhibition hall. One is for lighting, the second is to match the modern furniture in the exhibition hall. After some selection, Peng always selected SZ07320- 12B this all-copper European chandelier, at first worried that the lamps and lanterns would not match the modern furniture in his store. After the installation, Peng was very satisfied and felt very elegant, there is no sense of discord with the furniture in the exhibition hall. The wall is also matched with the same series of double-headed wall lamps. This series of lamp shades is quite special. It is made of classic Diamond Glass and high-quality Tiffany glass. It is exquisite all-copper edging and thickened all-copper frame. It looks very textured, it is a very versatile style. Below is SZ07320-installed in Peng's furniture exhibition hall-12B real shot effect.
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