All copper chandeliers make the living room more stylish

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
If the living room is the most important place to live, then a classic all-copper chandelier is an indispensable potential protagonist in this place. A copper chandelier of suitable size and shape, with light as the medium to freely spread inspiration, adds a stunning and fine to the natural leisure of the entire living room. The case of this article comes from a four-bedroom model room in Changsha Taihe square, with a building area of 150 square meters, of which the actual living room area is about 25 square meters, because it is American country decoration style, we matched it with a simple and generous American copper chandelier. It is no exaggeration to say that this classic American copper chandelier is helping designers build a simple American home, it is important to show the beauty of the classics that never go out of style. This eye-catching living room all-copper chandelier is the product of the designer and the owner's collision between classics and fashion. As the most characteristic of the whole House, the living room temperament is condensed. Surrounded by the overall style, people sitting in the living room can strongly feel the connotation expressed by the all-copper chandelier, and classics will spontaneously emerge in their minds; Atmosphere; Comfortable; And other words. This all-copper chandelier is dominated by rich and warm bronze, which echoes with the curtains, floors, leather sofas and other main bodies in the living room, creating a harbor for becoming a monk; The sense of stability. The beige fabric lampshade makes the outline of this all-copper chandelier more beautiful, giving people a heavy makeup; Soft and relaxed.
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