All-copper chandeliers are well-known stars-50701 series

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
Snooker is a lighting manufacturer with 18 years of experience in producing all-copper lamps, with thousands of styles. Among them, the 50701 series is very popular with customers. In particular, the 50701 series of all-copper chandeliers, whether small-sized 6-head chandeliers or more than 20 large-sized duplex villa chandeliers, are very popular with customers. You see, even the scenes in the TV series have its shadow. The 50701 style is simple and elegant. The all-copper lamp is dragged with elegant white frosted lampshade. It is classical and elegant, just like dancers on the ballet stage, standing in the center of the stage and dazzling. 6, 8 heads suitable for ordinary suites of general height, 21, 48 heads and other larger specifications are suitable for duplex villas. This lamp has 12 heads and 16 heads suitable for stair chandeliers, and its slender shape is very beautiful. This is the star 50701 Series of Snooker All-copper chandeliers. It is simple, elegant and versatile. It is the best choice for many customers. Do you want to know more about this series of lamps? Please call 4008007609 directly.
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