All copper chandelier shopping guide coping skills Six

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
When customers are excited by our shopping guides, some customers often say this: To be honest, your all-copper chandeliers are not cheap, how much is the minimum discount? Psychological background analysis: when the customer asks us such a question, it shows that the customer really has a crush on our all-copper chandelier, which may be that the price is still somewhat different from his psychological price. It may also be worried about being slaughtered. So they often throw out similar questions to find out. Many all-copper chandeliers may be led by the customer's problem at this time, so that they make mistakes. The common mistakes are as follows: 1) There is no discount policy yet, and it may take some time. 2) Sorry, our all-copper chandelier has always been clearly priced and never discounted 3)Sorry! We don't bargain here. Once we say that customers often feel uncomfortable, they are likely to go straight. We suggest that the shopping guide should first find out what the meaning behind the customer's words is and then deal with them in the right way. Let's try the following methods: 1. Shopping guide: Ha ha, you're right. Our all-copper chandeliers are better in material selection and design, just as our ancestors said; Therefore, the price seems not cheap. This year is just the 15th anniversary celebration of our brand, so there will be some discounts for you to purchase now, but our products are priced uniformly and will not be easily discounted. Come on, I can first introduce you to the difference between our all-copper chandeliers, and then I will apply for a discount from the manager. 2. Shopping guide: You are right. The price of our all-copper chandeliers is slightly higher than others. I'm very sorry about the discount. We have the same price at other times except occasionally during the promotion period. This will ensure that customers will not have different prices whenever they come to buy things. To tell the truth, buying all-copper chandeliers is a big consumption, so products and services are still very important, do you think so? Come on, you can look at our products. We use (***** Design and production process)The price/performance ratio is very high.
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