All-copper chandelier is packaged integrally, allowing you to install it without optimization

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
Customers who buy all-copper chandeliers for overall home decoration will always say one problem: All-copper wall lamps and all-copper ceiling lamps are relatively simple in structure and have no problem installing anything, but I buy a 10-head lamp, how to install the 8-head all-copper chandelier in the living room? In fact, Xiao Bian told you that you don't have to worry about this problem. Snooker's all-copper chandelier can save you time and effort. We make a foam lamp model according to the all-copper chandelier style you purchased, put it into the Kraft paper box, and then directly embed the all-copper chandelier into the corresponding model. The top is also covered with the same foam model, and the whole is embedded and protected. The side covers of the chandelier are also placed in the made foam model in turn, and the top is capped with thick foam sheets. Finally, the box is sealed, and the solid wooden frame is reinforced outside. This kind of packaging can not only prevent the lamps from being damaged during transportation, but also save time and effort because the all-copper chandelier is packaged as a whole and can be directly opened and installed after unpacking, there is no need to worry about a pile of scattered lamp holders.
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