All copper ceiling lamp-Small home decoration mainstream

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
Among the lamps of all-copper lamps, all-copper ceiling lamps are a kind of all-copper lamps suitable for a wide range. They consist of four parts: ceiling suction plate, hanging plate, all-Copper Solder lampshade and power supply. Because the part of this kind of all-copper lamps close to the ceiling is parallel to the ceiling and installed close to the roof, it seems to be adsorbed on the ceiling, and the main material is all-copper, so we call it all-copper ceiling lamp in a popular way. In recent years, with the continuous heating up of home decoration heat, the application of all-copper lamps has become more and more extensive, and the changes of all-copper ceiling lamps are also changing with each passing day. They are no longer limited to the previous single lamps, but are developing towards diversification, it not only absorbs the luxury and style of all-copper chandeliers, but also adopts a ceiling-mounted installation method. To the greatest extent, it avoids the defect that domestic residential buildings are generally short and cannot be equipped with large luxury lighting. At the same time, this kind of all-copper ceiling lamp adopts closed design, which can minimize the invasion of moths, dust, etc. Therefore, in the decoration of a family, all-copper ceiling lamps naturally become the mainstream products for home decoration lamps. In addition, due to the variety of copper ceiling lamps, the size can be adjusted freely. Therefore, it can be applied to almost every space in the decoration. For example, for some relatively small spaces such as porch, corridor, stairs, balcony, lobby, toilet and corridor, we can choose some all-copper ceiling lamps with relatively simple shapes and not too large lamp sizes, to meet the requirements of these spaces for lighting and decoration. At the same time, for some areas such as living room and dining room with relatively large space area and high lighting requirements, we can adopt some all-copper ceiling lamps with larger size and more Lamp caps.
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