All copper ceiling lamp installation details and precautions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
A gorgeous all-copper ceiling lamp has many safety details that need attention in installation. What should be paid attention to when installing all-copper ceiling lamps? The following small series for everyone to do all copper ceiling lamp installation must pay attention to matters. First, fix the hanging plate of the all-copper ceiling lamp on the ceiling. If your ceiling is cement board, please fix it with expanded screw, if it is wood structure ceiling, please use wood screw, if the ceiling is gypsum board and other materials that cannot fix screw, please contact your decorator to put a wooden square in the ceiling in advance to fix the copper ceiling lamp. Second, wiring, please pay attention to the joint must be important when wiring, otherwise there will be a failure of the line, poor contact, etc. , after the line is connected, use electrical tape or wiring mother to close the joint, 3. Lock the lampshade of the all-copper ceiling lamp. Please be careful not to twist the lamp body when hanging the lamp. Four: install the bulb to test. If the lamp body is not bright, please check whether the power supply is normal and whether the wires are connected incorrectly. If individual bulbs are not on, please check whether there is any problem with the bulb. If there is no problem with the bulb, please turn off the power supply and turn off the bulb. Use a screw knife to gently pick up the Reed inside the lamp cap until the lamp is on.
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