All copper ceiling lamp and all copper chandelier which is good? What are the advantages of each?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
Many customers will struggle with us when consulting lamps and lanterns. They don't know whether to choose ceiling lamps or chandeliers. Then which one is better for all-copper ceiling lamps and all-copper chandeliers? What are the advantages of each? The all-copper ceiling lamp is installed inside the house, the upper part is relatively flat, and it is installed only by the ceiling. It is a kind of lamp directly attached to the ceiling. Its advantages are that it can be directly installed on the ceiling and is easy to install, the style is simple and generous, giving the space a sunny and lively feeling. The height of the room is low. Ceiling lamps can avoid the feeling of space depression. The light distribution is relatively uniform. Maintenance and cleaning are relatively simple. High cost performance. All-copper chandeliers are decorative lights that are hung and installed on the interior ceiling. Divided into single head and multi head. The all-copper chandelier cannot be hung too short during installation, which hinders people's normal sight and makes people feel dazzling. Advantages: beautiful, beautiful, fashionable and colorful. The style of all-copper chandeliers can be selected according to the family decoration, which will highlight the characteristics of the overall decoration style. A good-looking all-copper chandelier is also a beautiful scenery line in the home. All-copper chandeliers and all-copper ceiling lamps have their own advantages. We should choose what we like according to the height of our family room and our personal hobbies.
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