wrought iron crystal chandelier Watercolour paintings of Venice

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-06

I visited Venice in 2008 and held a painting exhibition called "time and trend" during my visit in 2010.I have included some information here about the materials used, the methods and the drawing techniques I would like to be useful.I am very happy to be one of many people visiting and painting Venice, this place is an inexhaustible source of aesthetic wonders!We stayed in a small hotel near Rialto Bridge, one of the busiest areas of Venice.Small shops, restaurants, steamboats and gondolas are all gathered by the bridge and the river.The air echoes with the muffled sound of the ship's engine, and the water slapping against stone and metal.On the edge of the Grand Canal, there are huge wooden columns, moored dozens of smooth black hanging boats, decorated with luxurious decorations and decorated with red and gold.The boatman manages them in a relaxed style, wearing black and white striped clothes, and wearing a black hat or a grass boat."Sunset on the Grand Canal "-This watercolor painting was painted on fine-grained 14lb watercolor paper with my usual watercolor paint Winsor and Newton Bachmann tubes.The red and gold under the sunset reflect the Terracotta Warriors and Amber of palazzos on both sides of the canal.This needs to wash the pale little finger.Gold in buildings and adjacent waters.Apply blue water to the rest of the water, and this is still a little damp to allow some bleeding.Once the purple adds dry building details and shadowsI love the mix of Violet diox and burnt Siena.Finally, a finer detail was added with the Derwent watercolor pencil.Leaning out the windows of our hotel room, you can almost touch the mariblane theater.In a quiet courtyard behind the hotel, it used to be Marco Polo's home.The history of the city is everywhere in its architectural details.The Stone seemed to smell ancient.Despite the steady flow of people on narrow streets during the day, at night, the city remained silent, with no traffic, and no noisy crowds from bars!The bright little shop displays masks of various variations and styles, Glass as jewelry, utensils and decorations, as well as books of various sizes and colors, as well as gorgeous handmade paper of pens that accompany them, all kinds of stationery.The shop is filled with stunning twisted stained glass chandeliers, like cellophane --wrapped candy."Canal of Venice "-In this watercolor painting of the canal, I want to compare the silk of the water, the almost greasy look with the dry, dusty, fragile texture of ancient buildings.I used a smooth 14lb Fabriano Artistico paper and initially put a wash very light golden brown color, avoiding the stone products and online washing around some windows I wanted to keep the white part.The texture was constructed using a mixture of Dioxazine purple and burnt Sienna on the wall.The area of water is re-Wet, wash with a little Sap green Prussian blue.Using the Derwent watercolor pencil, the final details were added as usual.\ "Two shipsThe two gondola in this painting are the main focus, emphasizing the black sickleLike ships with rich crimson and golden decorations, and dark water on the canal.The surrounding buildings are only meant to encircle the ships, and the buildings on the right are deliberately not completed to form a greater contrast.The curve of the left railing reflects the curve of the vessel and directs the gaze to the bridge.This was painted on smooth 14 lb paper with Winsor and Newton Bachmann watercolor and Derwent watercolor pencils.\ "Pontetoto, St. Paul "-Bridges in Venice provide a good source of architectural interest, each one different from the next, and some are wrought iron details built with bricks, wood and stones.The reflection in the canal water has increased interest.When drawing reflections in the water, it is helpful to remember that the light color will appear darker and the dark area will become brighter.The Pescheria hotel is close to the Rialto Bridge and is located in an old open air --The side building next to the Grand Canal.Many of its stalls are filled with a variety of fish and shellfish, fresh and sparkling.The crowd crowded between the stalls.The nearby fruit and vegetable market is filled with strawberries of all colors, stevia, artichokes, and in fact a variety of vegetables and herbs.This is the source of the painting itself.In a nearby yard, young people play football while others sit around to watch the game.It's all very civilized, there's a lot of jokes between players and onlookers --Rendered extraordinary ordinary scenes by the surrounding environment!\ "Canal and washing line "-I have drawn washing lines in many settings, they add a normal home detail to the scene, break the vertical plane, and increase interest and rhythm as the fluid shape and color splashIn Venice, the balcony and the river are covered with all kinds of things.This watercolor sketch is done quickly for a spontaneous feeling.The accidental marks generated by the initial cleaning were highlighted with a pencil and added to the texture of the masonry.We traveled several miles on the streets of Venice, sometimes jumping on steamboats, often without knowing where we were.Entering a shady arch, we were surprised to see the lights and grandeur of Piazza San Marco, stunning on its scale, and after the narrow passage of the nearby streets, we were surprised.In the farthest distance, the cathedral is immersed in the glory of gold plating, and the bell tower adds vertical elements to the vast stage.The square is full of people and pigeons!Several birds fed with corn sold by vendors to tourists.The wooden palette is stacked in a pile ready to provide raised sidewalks when the next Aqua flooded square.Two abstract paintings included in this center were inspired by architectural details, such as the Byzantine arch used in Venice texture 2 and the patterned brick work of the Governor's Palace, combine this with calligraphy and try to feel the texture of Venice.I would encourage any artist looking for inspiration to go to Venice to find a wealth of original materials, fascinating history and the opportunity to explore a completely unique city.My obsession with Venice encourages me to read everything I can find about the subject.I prefer fiction, and if you are the same person, I humbly suggest you read all or any of Donna Leon's novels by Inspector Brunetti, sally Vickers's The Angel of Miss Pomegranate, Kristy Phillips's The Letter of Rossetti, Marina fiolato's The Glass hair dryer of Murano and the Venetian contract....If you can't get to Venice then you can visit it as you imagine!
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